Give Back

Each year, AWABC presents members with scholarships to support them in their academic endeavors. In the spring of 2022, 20 students were recognized and more than $20,000 was given in support. Thank you to our donors and supporters!

There are two funds you can donate to. Click the link below to select your preferred fund.

AWA Fund
Larry Satter Fund

For more information scholarship funds, please contact the AWA Alumni Education Committee Chair. Learn about all of our scholarships here.

2021-2022 Annual Appeal Donors to AWA Funds

Katelyn Allen
Jill Armbruster
Association of Women in Agriculture
Tamarin Beard
Bee-Bow Acres
Christine Bender
Naomi Bernstein
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Dean Booth
Lisa Borzynski
Sharon Brantmeier
Lauren & Jacob Brey
Maureen DeBruin
Deanna Drissel Kovar
Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa
Foremost Farms USA
Rosalie Geiger
Jane & Timothy Griswold
Robert & Lisa Hagenow
Kathy Haines
Louann Hausner 
Molly Hendrickson
Marcia & Witold Henisz
Elizabeth Henry
Carol Hillan
Pamela & David Hodgson
Daphne & Lloyd Holterman
Taylor Holterman
Jodi Joynoski
Jessica Jacobsen
Katherine & Brad Jaeger
John Deere
Randal & Linda Jones
MaryEllen Karls
Nancy & Jerald Kaufman
Dana Kelroy
Andrea Klahn
Mary Knigge
Krista Knigge
C & Theo Knigge
Carol Knox
William & Beth Kolodzinski
Bill & Karen Kolosso
Sandy Larson
Julie & Kevin Larson
Lynn Leahy
Barbara Lee
Bree Lietzow
Andy & Sarah Lenkaitis
Tracie Luedtke
Karen Marsh & Michael Pope
Susan Martin
Mariah Martin
Mayer Farm
Elaine & Lawrence McCann
Kristen Metcalf
Christina & Jerome Meyer
David & Barbara Mickelson
Debra & Robert Moede
Ronald Moore
Barbara & Timothy Natzke
PMJ Farm Service LLC
Lynnette Pozorski
Valerie & Jeffrey Renk
Kaitlyn Riley
Russell Rindsig
Eliza Ruzic
Jodi & Paul Saevre
Margaret Sage
JoDee & David Sattler
Jamie Sawle
Julie Schleicher
Susan & Richard Schultz
Monica Schwittay
Micheala Slind
Hannah Steen
Lise Thomas
McKenzie Trinko
Patrick Trinko
Udder Tech Inc
Union Pacific Foundation
Dianne & Richard Vielhuber
Jessica Wendt
Sharon & Jerry Wendt
Monica Woldt
Lindsey Worden
Zinpro Corporation

Guidelines for Memorial Scholarships

Student Memorial Scholarship Supporters: Bangart Family & Brady Kees // Olson Family

Additional scholarship awards are given to AWA members from Demeter. We truly appreciate their support of our members.

Applying for Scholarships

Students: For information on how to apply for AWA Student Scholarships, please contact the AWA Student Scholarship Coordinator.