The Advancement Committee is responsible for membership recruitment, along with increasing the financial resources of AWA. The committee is also responsible for the mentorship program.

Alumni Chair – Megan Lauber
Student Fundraising Coordinator – Kendra Gillett
Student Membership Coordinator – Alexis Luedtke


The Communications Committee oversees the AWA website, E-Alerts and all public relations.

Alumni Chair – Emma Wagner
Student Communications Coordinator – Olivia Spaight
Student Vice President – Taylor Schaefer
Student Alumni Coordinator – Clarissa Gross
Additional Members: Taylor Holterman, Deb Wendorf-Boyke, Kate Jaeger


The Education Committee coordinates AWA student member scholarships from applications to selection and distribution. They are also responsible for fundraising and management of AWA's scholarship endowment funds at the UW Foundation. 

Alumni Chair – Bethany Senn
Student Vice President - Taylor Schaefer

Financial Management

The Financial Management Committee manages the finances of AWABC. Primary responsibilities include budgeting, setting of rent, planning for long-term maintenance and capital expenditures as well as working closely with the AWA Alumni Treasurer to oversee AWA accounts/finances.

Alumni Chair – Jaime Sawle
Alumni Treasurer – Stephanie Thiel
Student Treasurer – Nicole Broege
Additional Members: Jill Makovec, Krista Knigge, Linda Hodorff, Sharon Brantmeier, Jill Armbruster, Valerie Johnson Renk, Kylene Anderson

House Management 

The House Management Committee conducts all business pertaining to the management of AWA's house.

Alumni Co-Chairs – Brenna Rosser Johnson and Deb Wendorf Boyke
House Manager – Kim Mason
House Steward – Grace Vos
House Assistant – Mae Buttles
In-House Rep – Sabrina Servais
Out-of-House Rep – Sophy Henisz
Additional Members: Kylene Anderson, Krista Knigge, Jodi Berndtson, Andrea Klahn, Barb Lee, Maureen DeBruin


The Programming Committee is responsible for planning student/alumni events such as AWA Day, networking dinners and more.

Alumni Co-Chairs – Molly Hendrickson and Liz Grady
Student Alumni Coordinator – Clarissa Gross
Student Activities Coordinator – Sara Johnson
Student Fundraising Coordinator – Kendra Gillett
Student Service Coordinator – Kelsey Mauer
Additional Members: Anna Blake
50th Anniversary AWA Day Celebration Committee Chair: Laura Tresslar
50th Anniversary AWA Day Celebration Committee Members: Julie Larson, Marjorie Stieve, Additional spots available!