AWA Awards & Acknowledgements

AWA Founders Award

The AWA Founders Award is presented by the AWA Corporation Board to an individual who has had a significant influence on AWA.

2024: Jill Armbruster
2023: AWA Founding Members
2022: Debra Wendorf Boyke
2021: Jill Makovec
2018: Valerie Johnson Renk
2017: Sue (Krull) Schultz
2016: Kylene (Cook) Anderson
2015: Daphne (Johnson) Holterman
2010: Marjorie Stieve
2009: Sharon Brantmeier
2008: Barbara Cooper Sherman
2007: Dr. Larry Satter

Outstanding Woman in Agriculture

The Outstanding Woman in Agriculture is recognized by the AWA Corporation Board for her significant influence on the agricultural industry.

2024: Tammy Vaasen
2023: Mary Knigge
2022: Pam Hodgson
2021: Dr. Sandy Curran
2019: Cathy Sherman
2018: Deb Reinhart
2017: Shelly (Keller) Mayer
2016: Laura Daniels
2015: Julie (Krull) Larson
2014: Kim (Burhans) Bremmer
2013: Ann (Paulman) Hoskins
2012: Liz (Cunningham) Henry
2011: Deb Gay
2010: Rosalie Geiger
2009: Susan Crane
2008: Pam Jahnke
2007: Sheila McGuirk
2005: Keri Retallick
2004: JoAnn Maedke
2003: Mary Hasheider
2002: Cris Peterson
2001: Joan Sanstadt
2000: Jeanne Meier
1998: Deborah Lins
1997: Ardath DeWall
1996: Linda Hodorff
1995: Ayse Somersan
1994: Judy Klusman
1993: Carol Ward Knox
1992: Delma Woodburn

Outstanding Alumnus

The Outstanding Alumnus award is presented by the student chapter to an AWA alumnus who is excelling in her agricultural career. We recognize this individual for their commitments to their family, community, and the agriculture industry. The Outstanding Alumni is an excellent role model for AWA members. 

2024: Katy Katzman
2023: Deb Wendorf Boyke
2022: Eliza Ruzic
2020: Laura Daniels
2019: Kaitlyn Riley
2018: Pam Selz-Pralle
2017: Krista Knigge
2016: Kristin (Natzke) Olson
2015: Sharon Brantmeier
2014: Susan (Orth) Reiden
2013: Marcy (Noll) Tessman
2012: Jenny (Dierickx) Martin
2011: Jessie (Ivey) Potterton
2010: Naomi (Uhlenhake) Bernstein
2009: Becky (Mentink) Brotzman
2008: Julie (Krull) Larson
2007: Jill Makovec
2006: Marjorie Stieve
2005: Daphne (Johnson) Holterman
2004: Shelly (Keller) Mayer
2003: Lisa Mullen Konkel
2002: Jayne Krull
2001: Cheryl Zimmerman
2000: Barb Cooper Sherman
1999: Sandy Larson
1998: Mary Ellen (Karls) Lerum
1997: Jill Armbruster
1996: Dianne (Deaton) Vielhuber
1995: Barb (Steiner) Mickelson
1994: Sharon Brantmeier
1993: Daphne (Johnson) Holterman
1992: Diane (Maier) Moll
1991: Barb Lee
1990: Sharon Brantmeier
1989: Barb Lee
1988: Valerie Johnson Renk

Friend of AWA

The Friend of AWA is awarded by the student chapter for going above and beyond the call of duty to help AWA and its members throughout the year. This person has provided the students with guidance and support and has served as a mentor by setting a positive example. 

2024: Anne Runde
2023: Julie Larson
2022: Dr. Heather White
2020: Megan Lauber
2019: Barb Lee and Maureen DeBruin
2018: Megan O'Rourke
2017: Jill Makovec
2016: Jessica (Milatz) Held
2015: Melissa Cheeks
2014: Kylene (Cook) Anderson
2013: Jessie (Ivey) Potterton
2012: Ted Halbach
2011: Molly Jahn
2010: Vita Plus
2009: Ron Curran
2008: Norlin Benevenga
2007: Katy (Duwe) Katzman
2006: Karen (Topel) Lee
2005: Jim Deley & Parking Crew
2004: Ronna Morton Ballmer
2003: Tom Wright & West Madison Crew
2002: Bob Williams
2001: Gene Blabaum
2000: Bob & Lisa (Sullivan) Hagenow
1999: Barb (Steiner) Mickelson
1998: Marjorie Stieve
1997: Bonnie Bungert
1996: Jolynne (Nagel) Schroepfer
1995: Dick and Joanne Detlor
1994: Ellery Jensen
1993: Jayne Krull
1992: Dwayne Brickson
1991: Liz McCarthy
1990: Valerie Johnson Renk
1989: Barb Cooper Sherman

Honored Guest

The Honored Guest is recognized by the student chapter for significant time and/or resources donated to AWA. This individual or organization has demonstrated outstanding support for the active chapter and their interest is sincerely appreciated.  

2024: Charles Sara
2023: Anna Gudenkauf
2022: Alice in Dairyland program
2020: Maple Leaf Landscaping
2019: Dane County Dairy Promotion
2018: Dave Warren
2017: Bob Williams Family
2016: Robby Weyker (UW Meat Lab)
2015: Dave Black & WSUM
2014: Q106
2013: Blain's Farm and Fleet
2012: Jill Armbruster
2011: Susan (Orth) Rieden
2010: Sharon Brantmeier
2009: Barb Lee
2008: Gourmet Delight Mushrooms
2007: Larry Satter Family
2006: Richard Barrows
2005: Elton Aberle
2004: Cheryl McCarthy Family
2003: WALSAA
2002: Daughters of Demeter
2001: Cargill Animal Nutrition - Ana Gleason
2000: Sunny Fresh Foods
1999: Foremost Farms
1998: Badgerland Farm Credit Service
1997: Wisconsin State Farmer
1996: Dr. Dave Dickson
1995: Marjorie Stieve
1994: Jodi Saevre
1993: Gretel Dentine
1992: Roy Hughs
1991: James Armbruster
1990: Dick Detlor
1989: Roger Sherman
1988: Deb Wendorf-Boyke
1987: Ronna Morton BAllmer
1986: Sue (Krull) Schultz
1985: Jan Wheaton
1984: Dr. Larry Satter
1983: Barb and Fred Flynn, Phil Harris
1982: Dr. Larry Satter
1981: Barb Lee
1980: Maureen DeBruin
1979: Phyllis Gerner Agnew
1978: Katy Waite
1977: Dr. Dave Dickson

Honorary Members

Occasionally, AWA BC chooses an Honorary Member. This person is someone who has helped AWA a great deal in the past. The award was started in 1985. In that particular year, AWA felt that there were several people who contributed to AWA and helped the organization accomplish many of their goals. When AWA chooses to show their appreciation and thanks to a special friend of the group, they are elected as Honorary Members. With this honor they receive an AWA pin and their name is added to a permanent plaque in the AWA house.

  • Barb Tensfield– Barb served as the off-campus advisor on the corporation board along with playing a role on the new house fundraising committee. She also contributed to several other AWA committees and was a former staff member of the UW-Extension.
  • Dr. Dave Dickson– “Dr. Dave” was a former chairman of the Dairy Science Dept. Each year AWA members cleaned his house and he generously donated funds to AWA for our efforts. In addition, Dr. Dave always promoted our group off Ag campus. He was a major contributor to the New House Fund. Annual dinners in honor of Dr. Dave’s birthday were held at the AWA house in appreciation of his longtime friendship. Dr. Dave continued to be a valued friend to AWA until and after his death in 2010.
  • Joan Stanstadt– Joan was a longtime corporation board member who helped to promote AWA at the state level through her reporter position at both the Wisconsin State Farmer and the Agri-View. She has written numerous articles on the organization, its successes and new house fundraising.


  • Delma Woodburn– A farm girl, her late husband was an engineer professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was one of the first woman to graduate from Short Course in 1940. She donated $1,500 to our study room project. Delma lived just a few blocks from the AWA house on Prospect Ave. She passed away November 9, 2001 at the age of 102.
  • Gordon Berg– A dairy farmer and an owner of Virgo Farms near Brownsville, WI. Mr. Berg attended the Farm and Industry Short Course some years ago. He also contributed $1,000 to the study room project.
  • Phil Harris– Phil taught Ag Economics 336, better known as “Farm Law.” He donated many hours of his time during AWA’s incorporation, house purchase, etc. He also is a Farmhouse Alumnus. 
  • Lyman Farzer– As head of investments for Rural Insurance, Mr. Frazer approved money for our house below current interest rates to a fairly risky group! He passed away in 1991.
  • Dr. Larry Satter- A longtime faculty advisor, Dr. Satter worked at the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center. He assisted the student chapter with events and served on the corporation budget. He passed away in 2006.
  • Jan Wheaton– Jan was the Minority Affairs Coordinator for CALS. She has helped AWA by assisting in miscellaneous details such as copying and reserving rooms for AWA meetings.

Other Notable Individuals

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ira Baldwin– Former Dean of CALS, Ira then became Vice-President of the University. They lived in Shorewood Hills and have taken an interest in AWA. They have donated a sewing machine among other things.
  • Marcy Schultz Heim– An AWA alumnus, Marcy was the Development Director for the UW-Foundation of CALS. She set up AWA’s education foundation and has chaired the committee to raise funds.
  • Rick and Peggy Daluge– The Daluge’s helped AWA search for a house and get organized. Peggy has served on the House Management Committee as well as on the New House Committee. Rick was a former CALS Short Course Dean.