AWA is a 501c7 non-profit professional student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison housed in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The organization was founded in the spring of 1973 and now has a membership of over 100 young women and an alumni and associate members and friends’ membership of over 500 people who all share a passion for agriculture. The organization is built upon the three pillars of professional, service, and social with a goal of improving communication among women in agriculture and helping them achieve their goals.

AWA Benefit Corporation (AWABC) provides student housing for 24 members at its house located near the agricultural campus at UW-Madison. AWABC also hosts member events to support professional development, leadership and networking as well as public agricultural educational activities to promote agricultural awareness. AWABC is the 501c3 non profit organization that provides student housing, leadership, scholarships and professional support for its members. 


The purpose of AWA is to help members prepare for a career in agriculture and agricultural related fields; to aid women in agriculture in achieving their goals, to improve communication among women in agriculture and for the general betterment of agriculture.


The mission of the Association of Women in Agriculture Benefit Corp (AWABC) is to advance the education of women in agriculture.


Thank you God for happy hearts, for rain and sunny weather.
Thank you God for the food we eat, and that we are together. 

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AWA Colors: Sunshine Yellow and Soil Black
AWA Flower: Yellow Rose

AWA builds and advances agriculture by:
- Providing secure, comfortable and affordable housing for AWA student members who are attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison
- Providing educational scholarships to AWA student members who are attending UW-Madison
- Providing assistance to AWA members who are seeking jobs and professional development
- Providing public education and awareness about agriculture
- Building community leaders, volunteers and agricultural advocates
- Providing an environment for college women to network, grow and learn as individuals and as part of a team