Association of Women in Agriculture Benefit Corporation Awards Graduate Student Scholarships

The Association of Women in Agriculture Benefit Corporation (AWABC) awarded three scholarships to Association of Women in Agriculture (AWA) alumni members totaling $5,000. This was the organization’s second year awarding graduate student scholarships.

The first scholarship winner is Ashley Nelson. Nelson is a 2021 graduate, where she majored in biochemistry and plant pathology. She is a Ph.D. student in plant pathology program at North Dakota State University. “I am extremely passionate about STEM and technical sciences in agriculture and how they can be used to continually improve the industry at all levels,” says Nelson. 

Amanda Gimenez was another graduate scholarship winner. Gimenez is a 2021 graduate who majored in animal science. This fall she will begin Veterinary school at UW-Madison. “I choose graduate school to follow my passion for animal welfare and further assist people in agriculture to improve animal health, innovate and contribute to research, and educate communities,” says Gimenez. 

Laura Tresslar (Elliott) was the third recipient of a graduate scholarship. Tresslar is a 2012 graduate, where she studied dairy science and life sciences communication. She is attending University of Nebraska Lincoln for her Master of Business Administration degree. “I believe in continuous learning and professional development, I want to be able to gain more knowledge in the business management area to better serve in my current role as well as prepare for any future roles I may be a fit for,” says Tresslar. 

The AWABC is proud to award scholarships to help alumni members achieve their goals and support their further education.