Give Back

Each year, AWABC presents members with scholarships to support them in their academic endeavors. In the spring of 2019, 18 students were recognized and a total of $9,500 was given in support. Thank you to our donors and supporters!

For information on giving to scholarship funds, please contact the AWA Alumni Education Committee Chair. Learn about all of our scholarships here.

2018 Appeal (2019-2020 Donors)

Lloyd & Daphne Holterman
Russell & Karen Rindsig
Julie & Kevin Larson
Monica Woldt
Sharon Brantmeier & Randy Shaver
Lynnette L Pozorski
Tim & Jane Griswold
Norlin J Benevenga
Eliza Ruzic
Elaine & Lawrence McCann
Jodi & Paul Saevre
Carrie Warmka
Lauren & Jacob Brey
Rachael & Derek Christiansen
Margaret (Meg) Sage
Brad & Kate Jaeger
Taylor Holterman
Rosalie M Geiger
Sarah Botham
Sandy Larson
Andy & Sarah Lenkaitis
Ron Moore
Bart & Janice Schyvinck
Susan & Michael Hendrickson
Jerry & Sharon Wendt
Pete & Theo Knigge
Dianne & Richard Vielhuber
Jodi & Carl Hoynoski
Christina & Jerome Meyer
JoDee & Dave Sattler
Rick & Gwen Dado
Alan & Kim Berndtson
Daryl & Diane Matzke
Kaitlyn Riley
Ricky & Peggy Daluge
Roger Steiner
Bill and Beth Kolodzinski
Bob & Lisa Hagenow
Karen Marsh & Michael Pope
Tim and Barb Natzke
Linda & Doug Hodorff
Susan & Richard Schultz
Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Co of Iowa / Bill Kolodzinski
Udder Tech Inc 
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago 
Union Pacific Railroad 
Lindsey Worden
Louann Hausner
Shari Strickhouser
Jayne Krull
Lisa Borzynski & William Cooper

Guidelines for Memorial Scholarships

Student Memorial Scholarship Supporters: Bangart Family & Brady Kees // Olson Family

Applying for Scholarships

Students: For information on how to apply for AWA Student Scholarships, please contact the AWA Student Scholarship Coordinator.