AWA Awards

AWA Founders Award

The AWA Founders Award is presented by the AWA Corporation Board to an individual who has had a significant influence on AWA.

2017: Sue Schultz
2015: Daphne Holterman
2010: Marjorie Stieve
2009: Sharon Brantmeier
2008: Barbara Cooper Sherman
2007: Dr. Larry Satter

Outstanding Woman in Agriculture

The Outstanding Woman in Agriculture is recognized by the AWA Corporation Board for her significant influence on the agricultural industry.

2015: Julie Larson
2014: Kim Bremmer
2013: Ann Hoskins
2012: Liz Henry
2011: Deb Gay
2010: Rosie Geiger
2009: Susan Crane
2008: Pam Jahnke
2007: Sheila McGuirk
2005: Keri Retallick

Outstanding Alumni

The Outstanding Alumni award is presented by the student chapter to an AWA alumnus who is excelling in her agricultural career.

2017: Krista Knigge
2016: Kristin Olson
2015: Sharon Brantmeier
2014: Susan Reiden
2013: Marcy Tessman
2012: Jenny Martin
2011: Jessie Potterton
2010: Naomi Bernstein
2009: Becky Brotzman
2008: Julie Larson
2007: Jill Makovec
2006: Marjorie Stieve

Friend of AWA

The Friend of AWA is awarded by the student chapter for going above and beyond the call of duty to help AWA and its members throughout the year.

2017: Jill Makovec
2016: Jessica Held
2015: Melissa Cheeks
2014: Kylene Anderson
2013: Jessie Potterton
2012: Ted Halbach
2011: Molly Jahn
2010: Vita Plus
2009: Ron Curran
2008: Norlin Benevenga
2007: Katy Katzman
2006: Karen Lee

Honored Guest

The Honored Guest is recognized by the student chapter for significant time and/or resources donated to AWA.

2017: Bob Williams Family
2016: Robby Weyker
2015: Dave Black & WSUM
2014: Q106
2013: Blain's Farm and Fleet
2012: Jill Armbruster
2011: Susan Rieden
2010: Sharon Brantmeier
2009: Barb Lee
2008: Gourmet Delight Mushrooms
2007: Larry Satter Family
2006: Richard Barrows