Member of the Month - January

Member of the Month for January is Grace Skarlupka!

Introducing our January Member of the Month.. Grace Skarlupka!

She was nominated by TWO sisters and truly is an outstanding member! Here is what they had to say about her:
This sister is always willing to give a helping hand no matter what the task is. She is always a smiling face at events, takes full advantage of all the opportunities AWA has to offer and can cheer anybody up in a heartbeat! She goes above and beyond her duties as a member by speaking up during meetings and actively participating in her committee. This sister is awesome friend and member! She is also always willing to step up and offer her assistance as a helper, driver, giving reminders, or just giving great advice. She is driven to help her sisters succeed in any way she can offer to help! Although she tends to take more of a quiet approach to leading in AWA, her leadership sure shows behind the scenes. Congrats, Grace!