Breakfast on the Farm

Come join us for AWA's 22nd Annual Breakfast on the Farm: Bringing our farm to your table. 

Breakfast on the Farm will be held Sunday, April 30th 2017 from 8am-12pm at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Stock Pavilion.  A hearty, locally sourced breakfast will be served along with educational opportunities, entertainment and a chance to meet Bucky! Most importantly the AWA membership are so excited to share our stories and passion about agriculture with our community. 
Prices are $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors, and $3 for under five years old. 
All proceeds from Breakfast on the Farm will be directed to support Rally to Fight Hunger! 

Please join us for a traditional family style breakfast! For more infomation, find us on Facebook or contact Claire Scott at or (608) 333-7599.







BOTF Chairwomen


General Chairwoman:
Claire Scott

Co-General Chairwoman:

Alison Kennelly 



Set-Up Chairwomen:
Tiffany Roberts

  Emily Casper
  Tickets Chairwoman:
Ciera Ballmer
   Amber Dammen 


Food Chairwomen:
Sara Griswold

  Micheala Slind

  Education Chairwomen:
Meghan Skiba

  Becky Shilts

  Publicity Chairwomen:
Ally Ingles

Rachel Gries 


  Donations Chairwomen:
Molly Hendrickson

  Riley Miller

Petting Zoo Chairwoman:
Rachel Gerbitz 



Map of Grounds

The 2017 AWA Breakfast on the Farm will be held at the Stock Pavilion on UW-Madison campus.

 BOTF map

UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
1675 Linden Drive – Next to Babcock Dairy Store
Parking available in Lots 36, 39 and 41. Please refer to map for locations.